We are a CMI approved Centre able to offer CMI Qualifications as awards, certificates and diplomas from Levels 2-7.  For example, a Level 5 CMI Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership will offer direct entry into to the final year final year of a 3-year degree at certain Universities. The CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma qualification can give advanced entry into an MBA programme at some Universities meaning that in some cases only one module and a dissertation needs to be studied to obtain the MBA.



Award (5 credits), Certificate (13+ credits) or Diploma (38+ credits) in Team Leading


Award (5 credits), Certificate (13+ credits) or Diploma (38+ credits) in First Line Management.


Award (5 credits), Certificate (13+ credits) or Diploma (38+ credits) in Management & Leadership


Award (5 credits), Certificate (13+ credits), Diploma (38+ credits) and Extended Diploma (66+ credits) in Management & Leadership .


Distance Learning – When register on CIEED Diploma or Certificate we will provide with you online learning and development resources via CMI ManagementDirect, a set of workbooks which will enable and support self- directed study.  You will have access to an online learning portal and a tutor who will help guide you through the learning material and answer any questions you may have. The tutor will be one of our Associates who will have an in-depth knowledge and a background in the module being studied. You will be able to share your learning experience with other students and share the answers to questions given to them by their tutor.  ????

Study Centre – We work with a number of partners throughout the world and, depending on the geographical location, we are in some cases able to offer study at one of our approved centres.  In this study mode you will be able to attend timetabled classes and study alongside other students with support from local tutors.  You will also have access to online learning material and our network of Associates who will provide specific support for individual units of study.  Please contact us to see whether we are able to provide a study centre near you.

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CMI Qualifications

• Gain access to UK degree/Masters/doctorate programmes by obtaining a CMI professional qualification.

• A Level 3 Diploma in Management & Leadership gives entry to UK degree courses e.g. BA(Hons) Business & Management or Business Studies.

• A Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management & Leadership provides advanced entry (Year 3) of a BA(Hons) Business & Management.

• A Level 7 Extended Diploma in Management & Leadership provides advanced entry to the final year Masters/MBA.

• A Level 7 Extended Diploma can also gain access to a doctoral at entry level.


The Centre of International Executive Education and Development (CIEED) team draws on years of experience gained both in the workplace (public, private and not-for-profit), as well as in the field of education, in developing a better understanding of how learning and development can make a greater impact, both for the individual and the organisation.  CIEED offers a unique range and blend of learning and development aimed at developing current and future leaders and managers as professionals and executives to ensure they maximise:-

  • their “employability”
  • their future career progression potential
  • potential business acumen
  • understanding of the workplace and working with people, and
  • knowledge and understanding of organisational dynamics

Whether you are an individual wanting to maximise your potential, an employer seeking to get the best out of your workforce, or an educational institution seeking to ensure your students are better prepared for the workplace and to achieve greater success in their careers, the CIEED is your ideal flexible partner, able to tailor a solution which best meets your needs.



CiEED are a team of highly experienced professionals, each with their own areas of expertise and specialisms and most with experience of organisational development and developing people in the workplace. We are all passionate about helping individuals and organisations to maximise their potential in the workplace through personal and professional development, enhancing employability, helping individuals and organisations to improve their personal confidence, their performance, management and leadership capabilities, plus developing enterprise acumen, skills and entrepreneurialism.

All members of the CiEED team have been involved in developing or educating people for 20+ years and have themselves all had considerable workplace experience in private, public and not-for-profit organisations.  Let us help you to optimise your learning and development options, helping you and your organisation to maximise career progression, talent development and organisational performance.

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Employers are demanding that their employees are much more workplace focused than ever before, and want to see academic and professional learning and development linking more directly with workplace performance and capability in order to make a more positive impact at work.  Regardless of professional discipline, organisations increasingly need people who are not only extremely competent in their professional or vocational discipline, they also need to be good managers and leaders; to understand the dynamics of the workplace; to be able to get the best out of people; while deploying optimised business acumen. Through these qualities we can ensure greater individual impact and performance, which in turn enhances organisational competitiveness.

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The partners in CiEED have each had more that 20 years experience of working in, or working with educational Institutions, with the aim of linking formal and structured learning with the world of work. On the one hand we endeavour help students/ graduates be better prepared for engaging and contributing in the workplace, and on the other, we support and guide individuals to progress to higher levels of academic (eg degrees, masters and doctorates) and professional qualifications, with guidance and support in enhancing their professional status, including chartered status.

We can help to enhance employability and maximise career opportunities with:-

  • Personal and professional development
  • Employability – workplace skills and experiential portfolio
  • Interpersonal and communications skills
  • Career building inc CV preparation, job applications, being interviewed
  • Leadership & management development
  • Developing business acumen, enterprise, entrepreneurship
  • Speaker presentations – role models and business best practice
  • Gaining professional recognition and progression to higher qualifications
  • Gain experience via business simulations (valuable learning, but fun too!
    Mentoring and coaching

Also we can provide individual support online support for students and staff for:-

  • Online CPD scheme
  • Extensive business and management library, information and research services
  • Career Development Centre
  • Interactive assessment, learning and development
  • Mentoring support etc


Our clients are our partners and our priority.